Color of We

The inspiration for Color of We came about leading up to the Presidential Election of 2016.

There was so much hatred and divisiveness oozing out of every corner of the country, it was literally making me sick. The racism and prejudice that surfaced was astonishing. I knew it was always there, but I couldn’t believe the vicious ways it was showing up, especially in a liberal city like Santa Fe.

On the other hand, it was inspiring to see so many people coming out with a voice: resisting, protesting, standing up for their rights and the rights of all!

Color of We is my contribution to support the ongoing call for tolerance and unity in America.

It is a reminder that regardless of race, color, or creed…we are the same…through and through…down to our bones.

My intention is to see Color of We as a mural in key locations around the world that need these messages of unity and hope.

Please share your voice! Let me know your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations for mural locations.


Challenge • Inspire • Unite

Alberto Elias Zalma