Alberto Zalma

A Santa Fe native, Alberto Elias Zalma is a lifelong artist with a unique voice and creative vision.

Grounded in classical fine-art training and inspired by the street art of his father’s birthplace in the Bronx, NYC, Zalma has developed a signature style he describes as new-world urban meets old-world Europe. His work is a pointed, satirical commentary intended to reveal humanity’s universal connections and the unseen unity underlying division.

Zalma has been featured in exhibits and galleries nationwide from Miami to Maui, and today he continues his creative commitment to spread the word of peace and tolerance in Santa Fe.

James Lofton

James Lofton was raised in Santa Fe, and is known for his use of color, depth, and texture.

He studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and thereafter, returned to Santa Fe committed to develop his own style. James was fortunate to serve apprenticeships with noted Native American painter and sculptor, Dan Namingha, and contemporary artist and sculptor David Kimball Anderson, presently of Santa Cruz, CA.

James was quite simply compelled to paint — on wood, on canvas, on walls, on buildings, on paper, on metal. He learned to make his own paints by researching ancient techniques. James used this paint – on many surfaces – to distill what he sensed and felt into strict non-representational images.

Early on James created what became his signature shape. This shape animated much of his work in many different materials and textures and appeared as foreground or background in his work. Some see the number three in James’ shape; others sense a journey being traced, and still others feel a meditative power in this shape. James’ shape had a life of its own in his work.